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X-Net® is a vehicle arresting system developed by QinetiQ that is uniquely capable of bringing suspect vehicles to a rapid, complete and safe halt. It has successfully completed a rigorous round of US Department of Defense (DOD) trials designed to test the capability against the most demanding of operational conditions and to ensure that it delivers the required effect.


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The tests, funded by the US Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, were conducted on the X-Net® 10T and the system’s Remote Deployment Device (RDD), yielded such impressive results that both will be fully deployable within US military environments upon completion of the final DOD test report. The results from the DOD tests will also open opportunities to sell both X-Net® 10T and the RDD to customers in the global market with full confidence that user requirements will be fully satisfied in the most challenging of environments.

X-Net® is made of a material called Dyneema®, an extremely strong polyethylene used by fishing trawlers and to anchor supertankers, developed by Dutch group DSM. It is equipped with spikes optimised for penetrating both car and truck tires on both hard & soft terrain. The X-Net® 10T is a significant advance in the safe arrest of vehicles. It is designed specifically for use with QinetiQ’s Remote Deployment Device (RDD), which significantly improves operator safety by removing them from the danger zone as the target vehicle approaches. The RDD launches the X-Net® 10T in approximately one second. Unlike any other system, this ensures that the suspect vehicle can be arrested without putting the operator’s life at risk.

“X-Net® is already the world’s leading non-lethal car and truck arrest system offering unrivalled vehicle arresting capability,” says Phil Dandy, Head of Sales for X-Net® at QinetiQ.

“Substantial design upgrades have taken the commercial X-Net® to the next level, offering an unmatched ability to stop cars and trucks up to 36,000lbs (16,300kgs) in weight.

Recent terrorist attacks in the Middle East have revived concerns that trucks present a challenging threat when used by to deliver explosive devices or when crashing checkpoints when carrying terrorist supplies. The ready access to trucks through rental agencies and leasing organisations means they will continue to be a potent tool by those planning acts of violence. The new additions to the X-Net® family offer both military and security organisations a means to bring potential threats posed by vehicles to a rapid, complete and safe stop.”
X-Net® has been successfully deployed by the US military in Afghanistan, Iraq and by the US Marine Corps in Haiti. QinetiQ has also advised the US Air Force on the use of the X-Net® for perimeter security at its bases.
There is growing interest in other countries from the military and law enforcement agencies concerned with managing borders, securing areas and searching for the movement of illegal substances.

The Department of Defense has purchased around 5,000 X-Nets and there are live enquiries from many other countries in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

The improved X-Net® capability is the only system to guarantee the rapid, safe and complete arrest of cars and trucks, every time whilst protecting those who operate the system.

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