“Fénix” (Phoenix) at IMO HQ

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The Ambassador of Chile to the UK, HE Mr. Tomás E. Müller Sproat (left); Councillor Christiana Valcarcel, Mayor of Lambeth (centre) and IMO Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos (right) at the unveiling of the rescue capsule “Fénix” (Phoenix), outside the London-based UN Agency’s headquarters


Designed and built in a Chilean shipyard for the successful rescue of 33 miners trapped in the San José mine in northern Chile just over a year ago, it has been placed at IMO, at the request of the Embassy of Chile in the hope that, “… the same spirit of unity, cooperation and solidarity generated by the issue of the miners in Chile could also be raised in the case of the more than 300 seafarers currently held by pirates…”.

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