Seminar – Protecting Against New Malware Threats


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Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Herndon, VA
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As cyber attacks become more common and yet more complex, new methods for understanding and protecting against them become a necessity. This seminar will go into detail about new technologies from ValidEdge, a leading malware-analysis company, LynuxWorks™, a leader in real-time security, and OPSWAT, the industry-leading multiple-engine malware-scanning provider. The OPSWAT Metascan product provides IT professionals and software engineers an easy way to enhance network security and integrate multiple antivirus scanning technologies and URL filtering into their proprietary solutions. The ValidEdge technology and products are used to quickly dissect new and unknown malware as it enters a network, giving the same level of intelligence as if the malware writer included his source code with the attack. The LynxSecure virtualization platform from LynuxWorks is used to provide isolated secure partitions either on an endpoint or in a network appliance that contains malware from spreading further in the system, and offers military-grade protection against new cyber attacks.


Broadly Risks

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This seminar will look at these three key technologies in detail, demonstrating how they can be used together to give new levels of security against cyber attacks by offering complete visibility into a new piece of malware, even when packed, encrypted or obfuscated, and then show how the intended target can be protected from its attack, even after it has bypassed current endpoint protection technologies.

* 8:30 – Introduction from Merlin
* 8:45 – Live creation of a new, unknown, packed malware sample
* 9:00 – ValidEdge technology presentation
* 9:45 – OPSWAT – the benefits of multiple-engine malware-scanning
* 10:15 – Live demo of OPSWAT Metascan Antivirus Engine for Windows
* 10:30 – Live demo of ValidEdge portable Malware Intelligence System
* 10:45 – Break
* 11:00 – LynxSecure technology presentation
* 11:30 – Live demo of LynxSecure protected endpoint
* 11:45 – Q&A
* 12:00 – Lunch and prize drawing sponsored by Merlin

Register online. Discount coupon for latest ValidEdge portable malware analyzer for every registered attendee.
malware analysis system
ValidEdge Malware Intelligence System
Lixin Lu, Chief Technology Officer, ValidEdge

Mr. Lu is responsible for all product development and product strategy for ValidEdge. Mr. Lu has been in the security industry for over 15 years with engineering, architect and management roles at various security companies. He has been an active speaker at anti-virus conferences on the subject of behavior blocking and malware analysis. Mr. Lu earned his BS. and MS. degrees from Jiangxi Normal University, Shanxi Normal University, Peking University and University of Guelph.
Benny Czarny, President and CEO of OPSWAT, Inc.

Mr. Czarny founded OPSWAT, the industry leader in software manageability SDKs, multiple-engine scanning solutions, and interoperability certification to offer a unique, market-driven approach to security application design and development. He has 18 years of experience in successfully identifying market needs and building, marketing and selling innovative products and solutions. Mr. Czamy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology after serving as a Lieutenant at the IDF for five years.
Robert Day, Vice President, LynuxWorks/ValidEdge

With over 25 years in the software industry, and a technologist at heart, Mr. Day has held a number of positions in management, marketing and engineering for software technology companies. He is an evangelist for emerging technologies like virtualization and open standards-based tools, where he was an elected board member for the Eclipse foundation. Based in San José, California, Mr. Day is a graduate of The University of Brighton, England, where he earned a BS degree in computer science.

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