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Global marine safety equipment provider, Mobilarm Limited has appointed David Marshall, a highly regarded figure in the world of maritime safety, to its board of directors, effective 20th January 2012. Marshall is the founder of UK based safety systems specialist Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT), a successful international business that joined forces with Mobilarm in June 2011. MRT is the company behind the leading brand of Marine Survivor Locating Devices, Sea Marshall.

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“Sea Marshall and Mobilarm are both focused on providing the best possible safety solutions for locating lost mariners using the latest technologies,” explains Marshall. “The tragic loss of the Costa Concordia serves to bring to the fore the message that for over 50 years duty of care for passengers and crew has barely progressed. There is a realisation that the lifejacket is not the total solution and modern systems need to incorporate available technology. I firmly believe every new lifejacket should be equipped with a small inexpensive transmitter to greatly improve the possibility of being rescued alive. The company is working with several lifejacket manufacturers and is producing what we call the Intelligent Lifejacket.”

David started life at sea aged 18 as a Radio officer on Cunard Line trans-Atlantic liners and cruise ships. Having been exposed to man overboard situations during his time at sea, he became interested in maritime safety. It was the loss of the Hull factory trawler ‘Gaul’ in 1974 and a request by the UK MOD in 1975 to develop a personal locator beacon for the Joint Services entry to the Whitbread Round the World Race that formed the foundation of David’s life’s work. As a result of this, David launched the world’s first commercialised PLB at London Boat Show in 1979.

“To have the man who pioneered personal safety for seafarers on the Mobilarm board is very exciting,” comments Ken Gaunt, CEO, Mobilarm. “David has dedicated over 40 years of his life to maritime safety and will continue to spearhead the sector as a key driving force behind Sea Marshall and Mobilarm.”

“I’m proud to have been involved in a number of innovations in maritime personal safety, including developing life-saving systems for fishermen, offshore workers, divers and workboat crew,” continues David. “Our mix of technology and safety expertise positions us as a leading authority in the field, and developments like the Intelligent Lifejacket will help us to continue saving lives.”

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