EB Licenses from Renesas Mobile Corporation Multi-band Chipset for its Specialized Device Platform Targeted to Public Safety Market


LAS VEGAS, (IWCE) February 20, 2012 –[ASDWire]– EB, Elektrobit Corporation (NASDAQ-OMX: EBC1V), a developer of leading edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, today announced that it will license Renesas Mobile’s SP2531 multi-band chipset reference platform to provide its EB Specialized Device Platform with LTE capabilities. This licensed chipset supports LTE (4G), Dual Carrier HSPA (advanced 3G) and 2G cellular access technologies, allowing the customer devices to connect to many existing commercial 2G, 3G and 4G networks, such as LTE bands 13 and 17 networks, as well as the LTE Band 14 networks being deployed for Public Safety. The Renesas Mobile modem technology has been deployed in over two billion devices to date and its widespread operator acceptance will provide EB’s customers with a significant time-to-market advantage.


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The EB Specialized Device Platform is an Android-based mobile device platform for specialized markets such as defense, public safety and homeland security. The inclusion of the LTE triple-mode modem on one device allows public agencies to meet high performance demands with high levels of integration and a power-efficient implementation covering such key use cases as browsing and streaming, while still meeting low costs and future-proofing their devices. This LTE solution supports voice and data – and allows users to work effectively across networks, pulling from the strongest signal, a differentiator compared to previous multi-band chipsets.

“Our inclusion of a multi-band chipset like the Renesas Mobile’s SP2531 allows us to upgrade our Specialized Device Platform, offering the public safety market advanced LTE options, helping to future-proof devices and ensure a fast to-market process,” said Jani Lyrintzis, vice president Special Terminals at EB. “Although we can use this license across product-lines, we are currently focusing on our public safety and defense market.”

“Renesas Mobile is driving widespread LTE adoption by enabling customers to create innovative devices quickly and easily to take advantage of the high data rates that LTE offers,” said Mika Rasinkangas, Vice President Business Development of Renesas Mobile Corporation. “By collaborating with EB, we are bringing LTE to the public safety, government and first responder markets, ensuring ubiquitous use of LTE-band technology.”

EB’s Specialized Device Platform launched in August, 2011, is a versatile platform allowing EB’s customers to benefit from the commercial technologies driving the rapid growth of the consumer wireless device market while giving market specific features and device type customization to specialized market organizations. As a smartphone-tablet platform, organizations get a ‘made-to-order’ mobile device that incorporates key design features desired for a particular mobile device with specific hardware and software features required by their market segment. For example, military vendors can specify MIL-STD-810G mechanics for a ruggedized Android handset, integration of a proprietary security engine or optimization of a proprietary software application to extend the device battery life.

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