SOS Booster : Ground Power Supplier for Bitburg


SOS Booster has been confirmed as the official Ground Power provider and will be exhibiting their range of products at AviationExpo Europe during 22-24th June 2012.


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Ceteor, the company that produces the SOS Booster, has been established since 1990 in Belgium. They produce and develop Jump Starters for diesel and gasoline vehicles with dead or discharged battery. Year after year, Ceteor builds up a name in the automotive and heavy duty markets. Thanks to the power, quality and reliability of their products.

The SOS Booster Jump Starters are especially developed for a professional and intensive use. The range consists of more than 40 products. No matter if you have to start a lawn mower, a car, a plane or even a battle tank, you will find a jump starter suited to each sector.

Ceteor will present us at the show their new range SOS Booster AVIO, a range of tri-voltage 12-24-28V units designed to start piston, turboprop or turbine aircraft and helicopters in 12V, 24V or 28V as well as all service vehicles. Available in 3 versions, portable or mobile, they allow supplying a maximal energy to start private jets, helicopters but also shuttles, oil tankers and busses, thanks to their specific jump cables and connectors.

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