Lady Diver Taken ILL


Hyperbaric Chamber-10 person

At 11.45hrs. on Sunday 25th of March Largs RNLI Lifeboat R A Wilson and her volunteer crew were requested by the local Coastguard to be on standby to convey a young Lady diver to the Hyperbaric Chamber on the Island of Cumbrae.

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The young Lady had earlier that day been diving on a wreck at Dundrennan near Kirkcudbright Dumfries & Galloway when she surfaced too quickly and became ill.

She was, due to her condition transferred to hospital in Dumfries at around Six O,Clock that evening and by 10.45 when the lifeboat was placed on standby it was decided she was suffering from ”The Bends” and to transfer her by ambulance to Largs and then by RNLI Lifeboat to Cumbrae.

The ambulance arrived in Largs at 1.15 on the Morning of Monday where the young Lady was with the assistance of Helmsman Brian Rankin and the volunteer crew safely transferred to the Island.

The casualty was expected to remain within the chamber for a minimum of four hours and complete her treatment thereafter at the Lady Margaret Hospital on the Island.

At 2.15 hrs the lifeboat returned to Largs where she was prepared for her next service.

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