Ruggedized Board Support for Real-Time FAA DO-178B Systems with LynxOS-178 RTOS


LynuxWorks™ announces board support and DO-178B level C artifacts for real-time applications running LynxOS-178 RTOS on ruggedized Curtiss-Wright DMV-183 PowerPC® single-board computers.

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The release of the BSP (Board-Support Package) brings the addition of full DO-178B level C artifacts for the CPU Support Package (CSP), the BSP and the Device Resource Manager (DRM) components.

Combine these artifacts with the LynxOS-178 2.2.2 RSC (Reusable Software Component) artifacts, then speed on to DO-178B certification at reduced cost and risk.

You can read more on our web site about our LynxOS-178 RTOS, DO-178B Reusable Software Components and Curtiss-Wright DMV-183. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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