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Track: The rise of soft biometrics and the social network | 30 October 2012

Social media and biometrics – where next?

In a brand new conference track for 2012, get a complete insight into the new “soft” biometric genre, including challenges facing users and keepers of social media sites looking to integrate biometric data, and the use of biometrics in targeted ad campaigns. Our expert speakers will:

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* Outline the potential power of biometrics in organising social media data

* Look at the use of online face processing by social networking services such as Facebook and Google

* Explore developments in soft-biometrics, such as serving gender- or age-specific ads. Understand how these impact the debate between increased convenience versus freedom

* Examine identity commoditization in the social media age and the ethical issues surrounding identity management

Don’t miss this specialist track:
Cyrille Bataller From authentication to identity recognition
Cyrille Bataller, Director, Accenture Technology Labs, France
Michael Thieme Face processing in social networking services
Michael Thieme, Director of Special Projects, International Biometric Group, USA
Paul McCarthy Ethical framings and the future of biometric technologies
Paul McCarthy, Senior Analyst, GSI Ltd, Ireland
Dr. Joseph J. Atick Before the onset of the ID Revolution: The commoditization of identity
Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Identity Counsel International, Director IBIA Cofounder & Director Emeritus

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Conference: 29-31 October 2012
Exhibition: 30-31 October 2012
Location: Westminster, London, UK

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