Paperless Receipts Strikes Strategic Partnership with Cardstream To Create World First Benefits for Retailers and Consumers


Lord MacLaurin’s Paperless Receipts Ltd, which has developed the innovative eReceipts software that allows retailers to issue electronic receipts direct to customers’ cloud based accounts, has struck a strategic partnership with leading global payment gateway company, Cardstream, to provide both retailers and consumers with a series of world first benefits.

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While Cardstream offers the best value payment gateway solution on the market,
eReceipts makes life simpler for consumers as they can store and log all their transactions in one cloud based solution. Retailers also benefit from the eReceipts technology as they are able to capture and harvest rich data about customers’ shopping habits, in turn helping them to increase footfall, increase their revenue and reduce their costs.

The groundbreaking partnership between eReceipts and Cardstream will now allow both consumers and retailers to combine the unique range of benefits for the first time.

The partnership is also a key milestone for Paperless Receipts, opening the door to over 1.2 million customers who conduct transactions across Cardstream’s several hundred merchants. Facilitating hundreds of millions worth of multi currency transactions every year, Cardstream has a very strong SME customer base as well as marque household name accounts, including notable charities, web companies and cinemas.

The partnership is the latest step in eReceipts’ rapid growth, which has seen the company establish partnerships with IBM Retail who currently provide 35% of the UK’s EPOS systems Rackspace and Amazon web services who provide the secure Cloud and back-up services.

eReceipts Managing Director Andrew Carroll, said: “Having developed pioneering technology which is designed to improve the experience for both consumers and retailers, the partnership with Cardstream is the perfect and logical next step. The partnership will also help us to market our service to over 1.2 million customers making transactions through Cardstream merchants.”

Cardstream Managing Director Adam Sharpe, commented: “With eReceipts already offering such an attractive proposition to retailers, this partnership provides the perfect opportunity to combine our assets and offer retailers unrivaled benefits. 2013 will be another exciting year for us – with further partnerships and developments coming to fruition, all enabling our merchants to trade more efficiently.”

eReceipts technology also benefits businesses as they are able to monitor, track and collect all their employees’ expense receipts in a single account, viewable via the web and mobile apps. The account integrates with cloud based accounting software and can be manually exported.

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