NetNames launches market leading mobile apps monitoring and enforcement solution


Latest technology extends online brand protection to mobile platforms


London, U.K. – 9th September 2013 – NetNames, the leading online brand protection provider, has today announced the launch of its mobile app monitoring and enforcement solution. The new tool provides brands with a monitoring solution for mobile marketplace stores that is designed to identify pirated, counterfeit, copycat or IP-infringing apps. The service also manages the removal of fraudulent or infringing apps and integrates with social media sites promoting links to fake, rogue or infringing programmes on mobile devices.

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The scale of mobile marketplace sites is rapidly expanding with IT analyst house, Canalys, predicting that close to fifteen billion apps are now downloaded each quarter.[i] However, the threat that mobile poses is also continuing to grow with some industries reporting mobile piracy rates of up to 95 per cent.[ii] NetNames’ mobile app solution provides continuous, proactive monitoring of mobile marketplace sites to detect unauthorised or infringing apps by brand, developer, download volume, rating, price or image. Once infringements are identified, NetNames uses its expert analysts, relationships with marketplace providers and multi-lingual enforcement specialists to remove the availability of illegitimate apps.


NetNames’ mobile app monitoring solution will allow brands to:

· Gain improved visibility of the increasing range of mobile threats targeting brands

· Understand the scale, scope and origin of threats to identify those key developers creating fake or rogue apps

· Maintain the integrity of a brand and its value by using image recognition technology to identify any infringements using identical or similar images to an organisation’s brand or logo

· Protect customers by reducing the supply and availability of rogue apps that claim a false affiliation with brands

· Safeguard revenues by ensuring online customers use approved apps to access legitimate content


Gary McIlraith, chief executive at NetNames, comments on the launch of NetNames’ mobile app monitoring solution: “The explosion of mobile consumers means that apps are transforming the way the internet is accessed and becoming one of the primary channels for organisations to interact with customers. Approximately 80 per cent[iii] of mobile smartphone minutes are now consumed by apps and as the use of mobile devices continues to surpass PCs and laptops, cybercriminals are increasingly turning their attention to the growing mobile economy to make money from fraudulent activity.”


Gary McIlraith continues to explain why brands need to start thinking about extending online brand protection strategies to mobile platforms: “As mobile apps continue to attract significant attention online, organisations are struggling to deploy brand protection strategies that provide protection across the mobile channels. The lack of consumer awareness about malicious mobile software and the fast-moving, opaque nature of marketplace sites mean brands are increasingly witnessing instances of fraud, IP infringement, brand misuse and copyright abuse. As a result, rights holders need to develop the ability to understand the scale, scope and origin of threats across the mobile landscape to quickly remove infringing apps that damage the brand and ensure they can provide a secure online experience for consumers across all channels.”

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