Weird Ed and Chicken Dave by Devine Right



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Weird Ed and Chicken Dave are again so close you couldn’t force a cigarette paper between them. This time its in their claim to be PM by Devine Right. The last incompetent leader to claim that was Charles I and he ended up on the scaffold.

Having agreed that they really don’t have any viable policies or any vision for Britain, Weird Ed and Chicken Dave are now hoping for victory by claiming only they can be the choice for the next Prime
Minister – not an appealing thought!!

Of course they are once again wrong. Any one can be Prime Minister if they are elected to Westminster and have enough support from other MPs.

Ukip is now showing signs of pulling ahead in an increasing number of seats. They still have a hard battle ahead, primarily with the illiberal elite in the media but on Polling Day its the voters who count and the polling companies have proved unreliable so far.

The latest sampling suggests that Ukip are looking really good in 22 seats but the final total could be very much higher. Ukip local offices are still opening across the country and the reception of Ukip candidates in canvassing has been extremely good.

The current ‘wisdom’ is a claim by Chicken Dave that UKIP will not win a single Westminster seat, the most pessimistic polls suggesting 2-5 seats will be won by Ukip, today’s predictions of 22+, Party polling suggesting 49 Ukip seat wins, a trend prediction that Ukip will win 153 seats and actual performance in by-elections where seats in the 200s on the Ukip target list are within reach. There is still much to play with and only two weeks to save Britain.

There are now Labour-held seats that are looking very vulnerable and Ukip are rightly calling on voters who never vote Labour to vote Ukip and traditional Labour voters are being invited to join Ukip in a People’s Revolution.

Back Britain – Vote Ukip.

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