Book Review – The Archaeological History of Britain, Continuity and Change from Prehistory to the Present


The author has been responsible for a major achievement. Somehow he has managed to adequately cover the archaeology of 800,000 years of British history in a relatively short book that also includes a full colour plate section that captures some of the key points of that history. This is an essential text for students of history, archaeology and classical civilization, but it is also a book that deserves a wide readership. The fascination with history, and particularly in archaeology, has included a cross section of society and ages. It is a very readable text and presents case studies to illustrate the range across 800,000 years of history. An excellent book.

The case studies included and reviewed by the author produce some fascinating insights and dispel some of the myths and legends that have distorted our understanding of history in the past. Readers will take away from this book new understanding and improved understandings. As in the sub-title, the author has presented the continuity and changes from prehistory to the present. This is a book that is worth reading and enjoying.

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