Buzzfeed Accused of Microsoft Corruption


Buzzfeed Accused of Microsoft Corruption
by technoguido

Central European News, a viral news agency based in Vienna have responded to a hit job article on them by rivals BuzzFeed by accusing them of being in the pocket of Microsoft – a major advertiser – and doing their dirty work.

In a newly released book called “Buzz Bottom Feeders: An Insider Look At How BuzzFeed Tried To Destroy A Rival Business”, CEN accuse BuzzFeed of axing posts critical of Microsoft which is is of their biggest sponsors. It wouldn’t be the first time BuzzFeed have deleted a story criticising their advertisers…

A question by Parliamentary question was filed today by Austrian politician Hans Joerg Jenewein about the links between Microsoft and Buzzfeed. As the book has also been presented as evidence too Austrian parliament it is therefore a matter of public record not liable to any legal action:

“Furthermore, it has recently been revealed that Microsoft’s powerful position may have influenced the ability of the media to write about it. I am speaking in particular about critical reports on Microsoft that were deleted from the international news site BuzzFeed. Microsoft is a major advertiser of BuzzFeed… Is the Ministry aware that the news agency Central European News (CEN), operating an office in Vienna, was accused by BuzzFeed of falsifying its reports after BuzzFeed found out that CEN was about to publish a report on the political connections between Kurt Gartlehner [Austrian Politician] and Microsoft?”

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