BBC Staff React to Licence Fee Deal

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Cracking down on the Brussels Broadcasting Company

BBC Staff React to Licence Fee Deal
by WikiGuido

Whitto has confirmed the news in the Sunday papers that the BBC will have to stump up the cost of free TV licences for over-75s.

The Beeb’s Europe correspondent is not taking it so well:

The #BBC is to lose about 20% of its budget. We have more in common with #Greece than you might think.

— Chris Morris (@BBCChrisMorris) July 6, 2015

Nor is their political editor:

PM urged to scrap free TV licence for elderly by civil service & Lib Dems in Coalition but didn’t dare. So BBC given £1/2 billion problem

— Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson) July 6, 2015

The chair of the BBC Trust complains:

BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead: ‘Cannot endorse process .. disappointed [trust] not given any say .. will impact on BBC services’

— John Plunkett (@johnplunkett149) July 6, 2015

Though DG Tony Hall insists:

“We have secured the right deal for the BBC in difficult economic circumstances for the country… In the circumstances, the BBC has agreed to take on the costs of free licences for over-75s, and after the next parliament, will take on the policy.”

Of course the people actually “taking on the cost” is the licence fee payer…
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