Government of Canada Supports Improved Cyber Protection and Interoperability Across Canada


New federal investments to provide support for new tools and knowledge to better protect cyber systems and improve interoperability.

July 20, 2015

Regina, Saskatchewan — Tom Lukiwski, Member of Parliament for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, on behalf of the Associate Minister of National Defence, Julian Fantino, today announced two new cutting-edge projects to better protect cyber systems and support increased public safety interoperability. The projects were announced as part of a $12 million investment funded through the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP).

The first project aims to enhance cyber training for engineers and IT security professionals to ensure greater resilience against cyber-attacks. The second project seeks to improve the effectiveness of interoperable services on a public safety broadband network through the documentation of stakeholders’ wireless data application requirements.

Quick Facts

· The CSSP’s third Call for Proposals will see approximately $12 million invested in innovative projects across Canada. Since 2013, the CSSP has invested approximately $47 million to fund innovative projects to enhance the public safety and security of Canadians.

· The CSSP is led by Defence Research and Development Canada (an agency of the Department of National Defence), in partnership with Public Safety Canada.

· The CSSP’s mission is to strengthen Canada’s ability to anticipate, mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover from terrorist acts, crime, natural disasters, and serious accidents.

· CSSP projects bring together experts from the fields of science, technology, public safety and security in non-government organizations, industry, government, and academia — nationally and internationally — to develop and improve knowledge and tools to better safeguard Canada.


“Ensuring that local fire, police and ambulance services in Saskatchewan and across Canada can communicate as effectively as possible with one another during an emergency is vital to helping save lives and keeping our communities safe. I am pleased our Government is supporting a project, locally based here in Saskatchewan, which will work towards that goal.”

Tom Lukiwski, Member of Parliament for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre

“The innovative projects being supported by the Canadian Safety and Security Program highlight the innovations that can be achieved when partners from all sectors, including academia, the private-sector, and government work together to develop ways to better protect Canadians on the ground and in cyberspace.”

The Honourable Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence

“Our Government is committed to defending Canada’s cyber security and to protecting and advancing our national security and economic interests. In the midst of a rapidly evolving threat environment, we continue to strengthen Canada’s capacity to protect Canadians – individuals, industry and governments – from cyber threats.”

Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

“A greater awareness of emerging technologies and how they impact the operations of first responders and other public safety and security practitioners is key to protecting Canadians. These projects are great examples of how the Canadian Safety and Security Program is enabling efforts that will help us understand and anticipate future challenges, as well as opportunities. I’m proud to work with this program to advance science and technology for public safety and security.”

Duane McKay, Commissioner and Executive Director, Emergency Management and Fire Safety, Government of Saskatchewan

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