Lightening really does strike twice!


The Saga Home Insurance claims team has been inundated with calls after freak storms hit parts of the North East on Wednesday night.

Large hailstones the size of golf balls seemed to have caused the most damage with customers reporting as many as 15 holes in their conservatory roofs after the storms.

However, one unlucky customer seemed to fare somewhat worse after her house was struck by lightning twice causing lots of damage – proving that lightning really can strike twice.

Sue Green, head of home & motor insurance at Saga, commented: “After the heat of the last few days, many people might be grateful that Wednesday’s storm has cleared the air, however some have been left unfortunately counting the cost.

“As more storms and hail stones are predicted for Friday night, we would urge people to take what precautions they can to avoid damage to items in garden, to pack things such as garden furniture and BBQs away after you have used them and if you can park your car under cover or in a garage this would be the safest place to prevent it from being damaged.”

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