Saga prompts over 50s to pack enough medicine for their trip to Greece


Following advice from the Government recommending those travelling to Greece take sufficient medical supplies with them; Saga Travel Insurance is contacting more than a thousand of its insurance customers planning to go there to make sure they pack enough medicine to last the duration of their trip.

Saga Travel Insurance Senior Product Manager, Michelle Cooper, commented: “On average our customers have two pre-existing medical conditions and most will need to take regular medication to control these so they don’t fall ill.

“However, with all the troubles in Greece at the moment medical supplies are running low, so we’ve started calling and emailing the customers we know are planning to visit the country to remind them to pack more than enough medication, both prescribed and over the counter, in case their holiday has to be extended for any reason.

“We’re also encouraging our customers to call our special travel assistance helpline if they need advice before they go to Greece or while they’re there.”

This announcement comes after Saga Travel Insurance doubled its personal money cover from £300 to £600 for those travelling to Greece (until the end of July), because many restaurants and cafes are currently not accepting credit cards.

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