New Olson Instruments Concrete Thickness Gauge Model CTG-2

Olson Instruments is pleased to announce the release of its latest Concrete Thickness Gauge, the CTG-2, which is designed to economically replace Olson’s CTG-1TF model. The CTG-2 is used with your Windows 7, 8 or 10 notebook or tablet. The CTG-2 unit is shown below and the system overview is presented on our web pages at Please contact Sue Jones at 303-423-1212 for pricing and technical information.
 CTG-2 Unit shown with Data Acquisition Platform (Tablet not Included)

The CTG-2 is a hand-held, battery powered, nondestructive system for measuring the thickness and integrity of concrete slabs, pavements, tunnel linings, walls and other plate-like structures using the Impact Echo principle. The CTG-2 unit can be further explored at our website at
Impact Echo investigations can be performed on concrete where shallow voids, honeycomb, cracking or delaminations are of primary concern.  Only one side of the structure needs to be accessible and thicknesses between 3.2 inches to 6 feet (81mm to 1.8m) can be tested. Data is collected and analyzed with Olson’s WinCTG2 Software for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating platforms. An example screen shot illustrating this software is shown below.


WinCTG2 Software Showing Thickness Measurement
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