It’s no longer the room people only venture in to on special occasions; the dining room is now the most valuable room in the house.

A study of 1,000 households by has uncovered 89% of people believe they have spent the most on their dining room furniture over any other room in the house, not including electronics.


Before now families have chosen to gather in the living room, perch in front of the box and eat meals. However, more recently the dining room has become the family hub, as 2 in 3 households say they now actively encourage sitting down at the table and enjoying meals together as a family, and 69% say the dining room is their favourite room in their home.


76% of households claim to spend over 15 hours a week in the dining room, and with the average dining room now costing between £2,500 and £3,000 (including dining table and chairs, side consoles, side dressers, wine racks, mirrors and accessories) – it’s no wonder it’s become the most popular room in the home.


Over half (51%) of adults say that their dining table was the biggest investment they have made in their home, followed by sofa (32%), and bed (17%).


Mark Kelly, marketing manager at commented on the trend, “We’re really pleased to see that families are choosing to make the most of their dining space, and only 17% of respondents in the survey say they have a TV in their dining room – which illustrates meal times are becoming more about family.


“Young professional couples will use their dining room for entertaining family and friends, and busy families will embrace the chance to sit and enjoy a meal – either way, it’s all about coming together”.


Kelly adds, “Whether your home is traditional or modern, there are ways in which the space can be enhanced and made more inviting, without having to break the bank”.


Top tips for making the most of your dining room:


Space: Ensuring the colour scheme is light and airy (whites, creams, and sage greens are a great combination) will create the illusion of space in an often small area. In additional to this, a large mirror hung on the wall will also help.
Make a statement: A pop of colour or a statement chandelier will add a focal point to any dining space. This doesn’t have to cost the earth, and can add a huge amount of value to the room.
Storage: An issue in most family homes! Wine racks, side consoles or dressers double up as a storage unit as well as enhancing the look and feel of the dining room. You can even use this to display treasured mementos or family photos – after all the dining room is all about family.
Setting the scene: Table settings (table cloths, runners, place mats, drinks coasters and napkins) can make the world of difference at any dinner party. Keeping two sets, one for everyday use and one for those ‘special occasions’ is always a good idea. Not only do they look great, they protect your table as well.
Accessorise: The trick to making any dining room cosy is to accessories with fabrics and trinkets. Cushions, wall art and candles all add substance to any room, and the dining room is no exception.


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