New Nordic Grip Non-Slip Boots


What is IceLock™ Grip Technology?

Nordic Grips feature innovative non-slip soles which use a patented IceLock™ technology, originally created for the South Korean military who regularly train in wintery conditions. The technology relies on electrostatics – the branch of physics that deals with the attraction and build-up of electric charge between properties of stationary or slow-moving objects. Micro-glass filaments that are electrostatically aligned in the boot’s sole attract to the particles in the ice, creating a surface tension that improves traction and grip on icy surfaces. Tests have shown that the technology creates a comparable level of grip and traction in icy conditions to spikes, but unlike spikes, they are safe to wear indoors. Nordic Grips offer 6 times more slip-resistance than regular soles.

The boots are waterproof, thermal lined and easily slip on/off – making them perfect for those who are most vulnerable to trips and falls stay on their feet and injury free in icy conditions this winter. Even for those who are usually sprightly, the Wets allow the wearer to splash through puddles, stride over ice and trek through the slush, safe in the knowledge that their feet will remain dry, toasty and, most importantly, underneath them!



– Winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design

– IceLock™ technology – non slip on icy surfaces

– 6 times more slip-resistant

– Waterproof boot with thermal, micro-fleece lining

– Available in black, navy, olive, coral and yellow

– Olive Green new for 2015!

– Retail price of £44.95

– See the Nordic Wets in action! Watch here

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