Octo Telematics Launches “Octo Rider 2V”?on the European Market


As the first rider ‘dash-cam’ with an accompanying smartphone app conceived for two wheeled vehicles, Octo Rider 2V is a versatile device that will protect motorcyclists and allow them to share the excitement of their journeys.

London, September 14, 2015 – Octo Telematics will present Octo Rider 2V, the first video recording system conceived for motorcycles and scooters at the San Marino MotoGP.



The satellite-based device for motorcycles that includes a video recording system that monitors everything that takes place during a journey. It will also be used by the ANIA Foundation for Road Safety in a project presented on Friday (11th September) and will protect Italian motorcyclists by monitoring their driving styles, identifying their most common driving errors, and providing undisputable proof in case of accidents.

It has been developed in collaboration with OctoCam, an Octo Telematics subsidiary, and uses V.E.D.R. (Video Event Data Recorder) technology. The initiative includes free installation, on selected vehicles.

Additionally, Octo Rider 2V will safeguard riders by providing them with a clear and objective account of any incidents that occur during a journey, as well as looking to reduce their insurance costs. The device automatically records data and video of all accidents and critical situations.

Thanks to an innovative and intuitive smartphone app, Octo Rider 2V, which will be available from November 2015, will allow motorcyclists to view their journeys in real-time, download the videos or share them with friends.

Octo Rider 2V is the product of extensive research and technological innovation from Octo. The company is aiming to provide motorcycle and scooter drivers with increasingly sophisticated tools that also benefit tailored insurance policies. The recent launch of Octo U, an innovative smartphone app that rewards the safest drivers is another demonstration of Octo’s commitment to this goal.

Thanks to the technological partnership with the Pramac Racing Team, for which Octo is the title sponsor, Octo Rider 2V will be tested rigorously on the track, as well as being made widely available to motorcycling enthusiasts for everyday road usage.

The device includes a small main unit that can easily be installed almost anywhere on the vehicle. The optical unit, which films the journeys, can easily be installed in any desired position.

Octo Rider 2V also includes a monitoring unit to check the status of the device which can be positioned on the handlebars. Octo Rider 2V is completely waterproof and IP65-certified, making it suitable for all weather conditions and vehicle types.

Octo Rider 2V has a Wi-Fi connection allowing drivers to interact with the device in real-time through the dedicated smartphone app (available from November for both Android and iOS) and easily download recorded videos.

“Our objective is to provide motorcyclists and scooter drivers with effective tools that make their journey safer,” explains Andrea Mungo, CEO, Octo Cam. “Thanks to Octo Rider 2V, motorcyclists can use state-of-the-art Octo technology to unequivocally demonstrate responsibility for incident and reduce their insurance costs.”

Octo Rider 2V can be purchased directly from www.octorider.com, along with all other Octo products for two-wheeled vehicles. The device will be available at €380 including VAT and installation.

The installation procedure is guaranteed throughout Italy by Octo Telematics’ network of certified installers, who will install the device on your motorcycle or scooter.

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