How Much of Your Browsing History Will Spooks Be Able to See?


The chilling aspect of this new legislation is not that security services will be able to access virtually everything in email and Internet browsing, but that it will be under political control. Organizations like CESG do not trap and read vast amounts of electronic communication just because its there. They employ search systems that extract for reading material that contains keywords and phrases. They really don’t want to know that someone is viewing legal porn channels, or sending emails to friends and families because it takes time they need to spend on threats to the State and the citizens. The days are gone when some poor spook had to waste time reading an email to a plumber because it contained the word ‘tank’. Search systems become more effective every month and reduce the amount of information that has to be read by humans. Unfortunately that does not apply to the political ruling elite who want to be able to use information against individual citizens for cheap political advantage and are entirely happy smearing those citizens and ruining their lives. Ed

How Much of Your Browsing History Will Spooks Be Able to See?
by reevoguido

Readers shouldn’t buy the spin of a Theresa May climbdown on the Snoopers’ Charter over the weekend. The Investigatory Powers Bill still leaves significant scope for snooping. The list of what spooks will still be able to do is chilling…

Tech firms will have also have to keep records of your social media activity for 12 months, documenting when you sent emails and when you connected to social media sites.

Spies can still search the internet and social media activity of everyone in the UK if they obtain a warrant. This means that whilst spies can see you went on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc, and which device you used to do it, a warrant will be required to read your private messages.

Forget the talk of ‘curbs’, ‘restrictions’ and ‘climbdowns’, spooks are being given massive access to your browsing history…

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