Palladium announces “Shaping the Future through Positive Impact” Summit, London, March 2017


  • Features keynote speeches from Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Mark R. Kramer
  • Introduction of Positive Impact – a new concept to achieve enduring social and economic value at all levels through global collaboration.

14 February 2017, London – Palladium, a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact, today announces details of its 2017 Global Summit taking place at etc. venues St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate Conference Centre London, 21-22 March.

The Summit brings together panels of leading global speakers from the private and public sector to discuss how all stakeholders can work better together to deliver real, sustainable economic and social change in developing and developed markets.


The Summit will feature keynote speeches from Harvard Business School’s Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Mark R. Kramer, and workshops and plenary sessions that address significant issues in business growth and social change through sharing knowledge, garnering investment and measuring tangible results.


The Positive Impact concept was developed in collaboration with Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton – creators of the Balanced Scorecard.

Through Palladium’s partnerships with corporations, governments and investors worldwide, they have developed a forum to help organisations successfully integrate and execute social impact within their overall strategies.



Kim Bredhauer, CEO at Palladium added, “For years, society has faced the challenge of making private, government and development sectors work together to deliver real change. This Summit will introduce “Positive Impact”, the most important new methodology for developing enduring social and economic value in the past 30 years. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned professors Robert Kaplan and David Norton, “Positive Impact” can harness and measure all the complex systems of investment and execution needed to create enduring value.”


Dr. Robert S. Kaplan at Harvard Business school states “The opportunity to create economic AND societal value together will be one of the most powerful forces driving growth in the global economy.”