[WordPress Security] 1.4 Million Attacks in 24 Hours: 32% Blocked by our New Blacklist

We just completed analysis of data over the past 24 hours to determine how our new IP blacklist is performing and the data is quite incredible.

We saw 1.4 million attacks across websites using the blacklist and found that over 32% of attacks on those sites are being blocked by the blacklist. The rest were caught by the Wordfence firewall and brute-force protection.
The blacklist is catching a surprisingly high percentage of attacks considering that it only contains 399 IP addresses at present. We are gradually ramping up the number of IPs in the list as we put this new feature into production. Even with a low number of IPs, it is already incredibly effective at blocking a large percentage of attacks.
This is great news, because blocking attackers outright from accessing a website is much more effective than only blocking their malicious requests. It means that we don’t give attackersĀ an opportunity to perform reconnaissance on their target to get information that may help them launch an attack.


Mark Maunder
Wordfence Founder & CEO