Latest ATM malware is bank’s worst nightmare

It has been reported that Kaspersky Lab security researchers have discovered a new ATM malware that targets only ATMs running on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Commenting on the news is Travis Smith, principal security researcher at Tripwire, who said:

The ATMii malware is very targeted, not only because it only supports Windows 7, but also because it is targeted to a specific ATM executable (atmapp.exe).  According to Kaspersky’s initial report, this is a proprietary application, so it’s unlikely this specific malware variant will have a large impact on the ATM market world wide.  Even with minimal impact, it’s quite easy to prevent the malware’s infection path by implementing foundational controls. Limiting network access and disabling USB ports will reduce the attack surface enough that this simple type of malware won’t make it onto an ATM.