Malvertising campaign exposes millions to fraud malware

News has surfaced that a malvertising group named KovCoreG by security researchers, had been using malicious ads on certain websites to redirect millions of users to a scam site that was advertising an update which tricked them into installing the Kovter malware.

Commenting on the news is Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault, who said:

“Malvertising campaigns are a favoured avenue for many attackers. In 2016, Google removed 112 million bad ads which aside from malware, included illegal product promotion and misleading ads. The issue being is that there are insufficient controls to place an advert with an ad network, making it far more easier to get a malicious app accepted by an official app store. This has led to an upturn in the number of reputable organisations distributing malvertising. This is why it is strongly advised for users to practise safe browsing and to stick to reputable sites which will reduce the chance of being infected. Finally, it is worth remembering that defences will be breached periodically no matter, so it’s worth investing in threat detection controls so that any compromise can be quickly and reliably detected and thus responded to.”