Revolution in Cataract Surgery Treatment with New Generation Trifocal IOL

Revolution in Cataract Surgery Treatment with New Generation Patent Pending Trifocal IOL

VSY Biotechnology’s New Generation Trifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) AcrivaUD Trinova Presents Superior Visual Performance and Provides Spectacle-free Life

VSY Biotechnology announces AcrivaUD Trinova Trifocal IOL in European Cataract and Refractive Society Congress (ESCRS) which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 7-11 October, 2017.

AcrivaUD Trinova is manufactured with Seamless Vision Technology (SVT) that is invented by VSY Biotechnology. Thanks to SVT, the new trifocal IOL enables optimal vision at near, far and intermediate distances as well as it corrects astigmatism. Its special design allows continuous vision at all light conditions and reduces halos and scattered light. As a result patients enjoy spectacle-free life.

It is common to observe around 15-20% light loss in traditional trifocal IOLs which affects directly the quality of vision. With the new generation trifocal IOL, AcrivaUD Trinova, light transmission reaches up to 92% meaning the light loss is reduced down to only 8%. Therefore, it promises higher contrast sensitivity and dynamic visual performances at all distances even at dim light conditions.

Patent pending AcrivaUD Trinova Trifocal IOL will be available in all countries to meet the demands of ophthalmology industry.

“We aim to make ophthalmologists and cataract patients happy with VSY Biotechnology’s new generation trifocal IOL, AcrivaUD Trinova. After operation, patients will see very well without glasses. AcrivaUD Trinova’s technology solves myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and also astigmatism. Our main goal is to increase people’s life quality” says Dr. Ercan Varl?ba?, Chairman of VSY Biotechnology.