Fancy Bears exploit Microsoft vulnerability. plays on US terrorism fears

It has been reported that the ‘Fancy Bears’ hacking group have changed a phishing campaign which uses a Microsoft exploit to install malware, to focus on the US instead of Europe. They have done this by encouraging users to click on ‘US-centric’ topics surrounding the recent terrorist attack in NYC. More info below:

Commenting on this is Eyal Benishti, CEO and Founder of IRONSCALES:

“This is an excellent example of a case where no email filter, sandbox, Antivirus or CDR solution can protect enterprises from malicious files being sent over emails.

Such attacks are using poorly designed yet highly dangerous feature, together with sessional events in order to lure employees to open “interesting” news or any other scan they come with.

This case is proving again that employees must have better tools to help them make smarter, and quick decisions regarding emails that just landed in their mailbox, in order to help protect the organization’s network.”