Jail Time for Executives that hide Data Breach

It has been revealed that three Senate Commerce Committee Democrats have introduced a bill that: 1. Requires companies to disclose breaches within 30 days 2. Makes concealing a breach a crime punishable by up to five years in prison.


Full Story Here: https://gizmodo.com/new-senate-bill-includes-jail-time-for-executives-who-c-1820897003


Commenting on the news is Tim Erlin, VP Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire, who said:


The confusing patchwork of state disclosure laws ensures that a number of lawyers remain employed to interpret them. It’s an inefficient system, no doubt, but the US has failed to address it with a national breach disclosure law for years. While lawmakers may be shocked at Uber’s behavior, it’s unlikely that they’ll be shocked into meaningful action.


Breach disclosure laws protect consumers and hurt corporations. It’s unlikely that a meaningful national disclosure law will get serious consideration from a congress and Whitehouse that are clearly supportive of big business interests.