Beware the Adidas WhatsApp scam…

Tim Helming, Director, Product Management at DomainTools researched the Url and explained:

“This Domain [] was registered on 31st January 2018 under a private registration. It shares an IP with around 244 other domains. One interesting thing is that it has an Alexa ranking of around 70K – that’s pretty good for a scam domain. This scam has obviously caught a lot of people’s eye – it’s getting a ton of traffic.

“Many illegitimate sites look virtually identical to the real thing. This is where looking closely at the URL can make a real difference for staying safe online. Online shoppers should heed these tactics to safely navigate links that are shared via email and social media:

  • Be paranoid.  Assume links are dangerous until decided otherwise.
  • Navigate directly to a company’s website instead of clicking on links in emails or social media.
  • Closely examine URLs and email senders for typos,  Examples could include:
  • extra added letters in the domain, such as Yahooo[.]com
  • ‘rn’ disguised as an ‘m’, such as versus
  • 1’s disguised as l’s, such as
  • added affixes, such as the “com-” in a domain like[.]us
  • Realise that if something is too good to be true, it likely is.”