Four Suspects Arrested for Involvement in Buri Pipeline Oil Explosion Terror Attack in November 2017

London, 7 February 2018: Four Suspects Arrested for Involvement in Buri Pipeline Oil Explosion Terror Attack in November 2017

The Ministry of Interior stated it has arrest four suspects involved in the Buri Pipeline Explosion. It also stated that these arrests come as part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to combat terrorisms and maintain safety and security. The arrest involved members of the terrorist group “February 14 Coalition”, which has planned and executed the pipeline explosion in the area of Buri on 10 November 2017.
The attack and its subsequent fire, was considered to be a very serious attack in terms of scale and the risk loss of life it posed. The attack could have led to a catastrophe to nearby residents had it not been contained by the coordination between the Ministry of Interior and the National Authority of Oil and Gas. Emergency services and fire brigades were dispatched immediately to disarm any other explosives, contain the fire, and minimize direct and collateral damage, and prevent loss of life. Moreover, crime scene investigators were on the scene to gather forensic evidence which lead to the identification and arrest of four individuals:
1.       Fadhel Mohammed Jaffar Ali, 23, driver
2.       Anwar Abdulaziz Musa Jaffar Mushaima, 24, private-sector employee
3.       Mohammed Abdullah Isa Abdullah Mahroos, 27, a company employee
4.       Adel Ahmed Ali Ahmed Saleh, 23, a company employee

The investigation also uncovered that two of arrested individuals had received intensive security training in IRGC camps, in coordination with wanted terrorist fugitives in Iran. The training was a result of recruitment efforts and financing of travel costs under the cover of religious visits. These camps provided training on  manufacturing and use of bombs and explosive materials as well as use of firearms such as Kalashnikovs, Rocket Propelled Grenades and PKC machine guns, in addition to personal protection and security training. The investigation also revealed that upon the suspects’ return from Iran, the evidence indicates that scoping operations and planning for the Buri Pipeline terrorist attack took place.

Additionally, investigations are also ongoing to locate and arrest other individuals linked to the Buri Pipeline explosion:
1.       Habib Abdullateef Mahdi, 19, a fugitive sentenced to life imprisonment
2.       Abdullah Jaffar Ahmed Al Madani, 34, a fugitive living in Iran
3.       Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Khalil, 35, a fugitive living in Iran

The investigation along with the forensic evidence found that the suspects were preparing for further terrorist activities and operations in different areas in Bahrain, which were foiled by their arrest. The Public Prosecution will reveal further details in due time.