Home security made simple with Manything app

Caution: There will be an increasing number of web-based security apps coming onto the market. Manything has come up with a very interesting app that looks solid as an app. However, anyone considering risk management should look carefully at the platform to use to run the app. Many platforms contain serious risks which may not be a reason not to use them, but it does mean the risks should be fully considered before setting up the system.   Ed.

Manything transforms retired phones or tablets into home security cameras, which can be viewed from anywhere through the Manything app or website. It’s used by almost 1 million people all over the world to monitor their homes and businesses – from keeping an eye on pets, watching out for intruders or checking in on employees and customers.


Following some recent updates, the Manything app has been supercharged with three brand new features:

  • Want to record to the cloud in HD? Manything now records at 720p!
  • Want to zoom into live and recorded video? Go for it, just double tap or pinch on the video to get up close and personal
  • Want to quickly watch video recorded last week? The new ‘Date Picker’ lets you pick a date on the calendar and shoot straight back to it



Manything stands for ‘monitor anything’ – the original Manything app was developed to turn old smartphones and tablets into sophisticated video monitoring cameras. Manything has attracted almost one million users globally and monitors 25 years of footage every single day. Based in Oxfordshire in the UK, Manything has experts in cloud architecture, security and app programming working tirelessly to provide peace of mind for its users.