NCSC blocks millions of cyber attacks launched against the UK

Yesterday, GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre said that its Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme has detected and prevented millions of online attacks against the UK. The programme was launched in 2016 as part of the National Cyber Security Strategy to improve basic cyber security by disrupting commodity cyberattacks that affect UK citizens.

If you’re planning to write on this story, please see below for some thoughts from Leo Taddeo, chief information security officer at Cyxtera Technologies, and a former FBI Special Agent in charge of Special Operations/Cyber Division:

“I applaud the UK government’s efforts to deter cyber threats through the NCSC’s Active Cyber Defence programme. This is exactly the type of leadership needed in this era of ever-present cyber threats. Governments must allocate the right people, processes and technologies as well as collaborate across public and private sectors if we are to successfully address these challenges. The NCSC’s programme smartly addresses common attack vectors like phishing because it is so pervasive. According to a recent report by Easy Solutions, 97 percent of people don’t know how to accurately recognize a phishing email; and, phishing attacks increased by 65 percent in 2016. By publishing its ‘Active Cyber Defence – One Year On’ summary, the NCSC has initiated a call to action to the private sector to help take down phishing sites and implement DMARC solutions. Cooperation is necessary if we are to make cybercrime less profitable and more risky for adversaries.”