Water Utility in Europe Hit by Cryptocurrency Malware Mining Attack

Industrial control systems and SCADA servers have become a target for unauthorized cryptocurrency mining attack for the first time, as cryptojacking attacks continue to grow. Security firm Radiflow, discovered that cryptocurrency mining malware was found in the network of a water utility provider in Europe.


If you’re planning to write on this, please see below for some thoughts from Gavin Millard, technical director, Tenable:

“This latest “cryptojacking” attack was more likely a malware campaign that managed to infect a critical infrastructure than a targeted attack. Systems on ICS networks are generally already overburdened so it wouldn’t be an ideal platform to mine for cryptocoins since the yield would be extremely low. If the report is accurate, what should be more concerning is how a critical infrastructure could be infected by an everyday piece of malware. This indicates a low level of basic cyber hygiene which, if targeted by a malicious attacker, could cause far bigger issues than a few coins being mined.”