DHS Strategy for Cybersecurity

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security unveiled a new national strategy for addressing the growing number of cyber security risks as it works to assess them and reduce vulnerabilities. The DHS strategy details a Department-wide approach to address the evolving threats to our nation’s cyber and critical infrastructure security.



Following this news, Andrew Lloyd, President of Corero Network Security, said:

“This is a well-considered and thorough top-down strategy. The DHS has defined a more comprehensive Critical Infrastructure (CI) definition than that adopted in the UK/EU within the NIS Directive. With DDoS being the cyber-criminals tool of choice against both CI and government, DHS will need to swiftly convert this strategy in to action to protect against this threat.  Ironically, onerous and restrictive Federal Government procurement policies may prove to be a significant barrier to DHS being able to select the most effective technologies to mitigate DDoS and other high risk cyber-threats.”