Security Expert comment re Preston Council under siege from Cyber Attacks

In a write up in the Lancashire Post that Preston Council is is thwarting dozens of attempts to breach its cyber-security every single day

Thoughts from IRONSCALES CEO and Founder, Eyal Benishti:


“The level of attacks against Preston Council is not unique and will be replicated across councils, public services and organisations up and down the country. As is so often the case, criminals will use phishing as a means to gain a foothold within the organisation as, while one person might spot the ruse, it’s unlikely that everyone will be as vigilant. While not wishing to discourage the phishing training the council has undertaken, and while the results show promise, phishing training alone has been proven to have limited long term effect. In fact, from our own analysis, often within 12 months of a training regime ending, failure rates have often returned to the same levels as before the programme commenced.


“The issue is that, while training might help some to spot badly created communications, with attackers honing their craft it’s not always easy to determine fact from fiction. In addition, no matter how hard you train people, no one is perfect 100% of the time. To truly reduce email threats requires a multi-faceted approach. You need a mechanism that visually flags anomalies in communications to warn users within the mailbox via Inmail alerts that all might not be as it seems. This should be coupled with a mechanism for employees that do spot something amiss to report their findings back to the security team in real time. The final element is to use technology that can interrogate communications to identify, in real time, when something isn’t right and remove the threat enterprise-wide in seconds.”