U.S. Regulators Urge Better Oversight for Pipeline Cybersecurity

Top regulators believe the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, responsible for overseeing cybersecurity for U.S. pipelines, is not doing enough in the fight against cyber threats.


Energy, oil and gas companies across the globe are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, thus it’s crucial that critical infrastructure operators identify and mitigate attacks before significant damage is done.

If you’re planning to write on this please see below for some thoughts from Edgard Capdevielle, CEO, Nozomi Networks:

“It is concerning that in some areas of technology if we wanted to build a car from scratch to sell, we cannot do it. It would be illegal for us to do it without airbags and seatbelts. However, we are able to operate oil and gas plants and oil rigs without any legally binding requirements.

“Indeed, even though energy, including oil and gas, industries have made significant improvements to their cybersecurity systems, given the combination of rapidly advancing digitally connected industrial components and an escalating threat landscape, there is still significant room for improvement, and an effective public/private effort must be of the solution.

“The public and private sector must come together to establish and enforce standards to strengthen the energy, oil and gas industry’s cybersecurity. It’s equally as important to keep in mind that technology is readily available today to help fill the cybersecurity gap. Innovation and implementation of advanced cybersecurity technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, are important steps toward safe and reliable critical infrastructure.”