URGENT: Copyright in the EU

In just under a week, Europe’s new copyright law could deliver a death blow to the creative and free internet.



The influential Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) of the European Parliament is currently in the process of deciding its position on which amendments to adopt.

If the most dangerous amendments pass, everything you put on the internet will be filtered, and even blocked. It doesn’t even need to be commercial — some proposals are so broad even your photos that you upload for friends and family would be included.

Linking to and accessing information online is also at stake: extending copyright to cover news snippets will restrict our ability to learn from a diverse selection of sources

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What’s worse is that this new proposed directive gives even more power to big companies like record labels or publishers to stifle competition. Many amendments read like a total giveaway to big copyright holders, with not much in it for the rest of us.

You can only imagine how much harder it will be for up-and-coming musicians, artists, and writers to make their names when a big publisher or record label can stop them from sharing their self-produced content.

It’s vital that we act together now.

If MEPs hear from enough of us in the next few days, they may back away from adopting these last-minute, dangerous proposals to their copyright plans.

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From everyone here at Mozilla, thank you for defending the internet,

Jon Lloyd
Advocacy Campaigns Manager