World Cup Cyberattack Likely, Experts Say

Breaking news that nearly three quarters of security professionals anticipate cyberattacks on the network infrastructure of the World Cup, either via a denial-of-service (DDoS) or social media breach.

Some thoughts from Andrew Lloyd, President at Corero Network Security:

“With DDoS attacks on global sporting events including this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea being the new normal, it’s hardly surprising that further attacks are being forecast for the FIFA World Cup that kick-off today.

“Given current geo-politics, the football World Cup does present an opportunity for Nation State sponsored attacks on political foes that will make Eurovision tactical voting look like a playground scuffle. We note that today’s opening ceremony is followed by a Russia vs. Saudi Arabia match that I’m sure will pique interest in Iran and elsewhere. Beyond attacking the FIFA infrastructure, other risk areas with a higher commercial impact include live broadcast streams and highly lucrative in-game betting.

“These threats further add to the pressure on digital enterprises to invest in real-time defences that automatically detect and mitigate attacks allowing them to stay online and open for business during a cyber-attack.”