Hamas Lures Israeli Soldiers to Malware Disguised in World Cup and Dating Apps

It has been reported that the Israeli military has accused Hamas cyber-operatives of attempting to lure Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers into installing malware-infected apps on their phones. The tactic isn’t new, as Hamas has done so before in January, but this time around they managed to host the malware on the official Google Play Store, giving them more authenticity. Israel-based cyber-security firm ClearSky has managed to identify the apps —two dating apps and one World Cup-related application.


Commenting on this news is Jake Moore, Security Specialist at ESET: 


“Malicious and fake apps continue to be a way in to steal data or cause havoc. But the risk to downloading such apps can be mitigated by following a few simple steps. Avoid third-party app stores when downloading any app or at least try and research it. Look for the name of the app developer and try and research them too. It’s easy to accidentally download a copycat app, but you can prevent such a mistake by verifying that the manufacturer’s name is genuine. 

Try and take a few moments to read app reviews. User reviews are usually particularly helpful in locating malicious apps. Popular apps will always have lots of reviews and often by experts alike. It’s also always a good idea to install mobile device security software. Mobile security has come on vastly these days and can help add another tool in the fight against such attacks.”