Wunder 360 S1 Brings 3D Modelling Into Focus

Chinese innovator, Wunder 360 hits it into the back of the net with the first multifunctional 360 degree camera with 3D modelling capabilities.


This year’s model

A crowdfunding campaign which has already raised over $100,000 in just under a week, is now in place and could see enthusiasts pre-ordering and receiving the revolutionary Wunder 360 S1 camera as soon as October of this year.  Already in use by wedding venues, architects, game designers and property professionals, the Wunder 360 S1 is set to revolutionise business – and spells the end of carrying around bulky equipment for wedding and event photographers; a cause for celebration in itself!

As the world becomes steadily more visual, the need for professional quality imagery becomes more and more important in our daily lives.  In the past, professional photographic equipment was exclusive to those with huge budgets but, all of that is set to change with this revolutionary new gadget.

Much more than just a camera, the Wunder 360 S1 allows users to shoot continuous 360 degree photographs and video footage to create virtual tours and professional standard photography.  Clever in-camera features allow for editing without the need for additional equipment and, innovative technology means that users can make in-camera 3D models for use in gaming, infographics and more.

The future of camera technology

Pocket sized, lightweight and, surprisingly affordable, this neat gadget contains a whole host of features to allow including:

Continuous 360 degree footage

in-camera stitching, no extra post-production software needed, saving time and money for users;

Easy 3D scanning;

A recording time of over one hour means that you only need to stop shooting once you’ve got what you need;

AI-powered smart tracking locks on your favorite view;

Super smooth stabilization means smooth, steady shots even on the move;

Compact, lightweight and portable for those who like to travel light;

Putting innovation in the frame

The first of its kind, the Wunder 360 S1 is a game changer for those who want premier league footage with an affordable price tag.  With footage so good, it’s worth shouting about, the Wunder 360 S1 features a powerful all-in-one platform so that photographs, videos and 3D models can be shared instantly.  Wherever you are, whatever you’re shooting, the Wunder 360 S1 allows you to effortlessly become Director and Producer of your footage.

To join the Wunder360 Revolution, visit: https://igg.me/at/Wunder360/x/19006730