Facebook did it again

Facebook just admitted that it’s been using phone numbers people shared with them as part of a security ask — to target them with ads.

This is a huge breach of trust by Facebook (again!). This isn’t just bad for Facebook — it undermines trust in a key security feature, two factor authentication, that is used across the internet to help keep sensitive information safer. That’s not okay.


Facebook has responded to public pressure to change their practices before. That’s why we’re asking you to add your name to a petition demanding that Facebook immediately stop using phone numbers it received for two factor authentication to target advertising

This is yet another example of Facebook breaching the trust of people who rely on its service to maintain connections with their friends and family. Enough is enough!

Sign the Petition

Yours, on behalf of the Mozilla team


PS — Can you spread the word about the petition by forwarding this email to people whom you think would be interested? The more people we get to sign on, the better the chances are that we can get Facebook to stop this horrible practice.