Next generation networks — It’s not all software and bots

Today, communications service providers (CSP) are facing pressures and difficulties from multiple angles. On one side there’s pressure to expand infrastructure to deal with growing customer demands for data. On the other, there is an increasing level of competition and constant pressure to provide customers with new, innovative services.

As a result of these factors, networks are being generated that are significantly more complex that the likes of what we saw five years ago.  Future-gazers are constantly predicting the ‘next big thing’ in tech, with many seeing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as the keys to differentiation that can increase profit margins and solve network complexity problems that hold business back.  However, CSPs simply can’t afford to neglect their infrastructure and pin their hopes on ‘the next big thing’.  Getting the basics right might seem obvious, but it can be all too easy to overlook those basics when customers and colleagues are crying out for ‘the latest thing’, today.


In this article Chris Gilmour, Technical Practice Lead, at Axians UK will explain:

  • The importance of getting the basics right
  • How to future-proof your network to drive the business forward with what you currently have
  • How the network of today is the workplace for future success