Data breaches plague our personal information

Data breaches plague our personal data: Nest, BA and Facebook to name just three

In 2018 hackers gained access to over 2.5billion records of personal data across 21 breaches

Cyber security specialists TransWorldCom respond to this data loss epidemic

In recent years personal data has come under constant attack from hackers looking to profit from the details of customers and app users. This ranges from personal to payment details coming from normally trustworthy sources such as British Airways or Marriott Hotels. The tide of data being stolen only seems to be gaining momentum with little being done to combat this wave of companies succumbing to hackers.

Ever since the world wide web went public in 1993, we have traded our personal data in return for free services from the tech giants and now, the majority of online shopping, booking and selling websites. This data is becoming increasingly hard to keep secure. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in the ways they are targeting data stores and staying ahead of this movement is key to the future of cyber security.

Managing Director of tech infrastructure specialists TransWorldCom, Paolo Sartori comments on what is becoming an increasingly worrying problem:

“Businesses and individuals alike need to be planning ahead of hacks and the ensuing data breaches in terms of ensuring that their data is safe and secure for the future. The ambiguity of terms such as the cloud gives the impression that this vitally important data is stored all around us, whereas in reality it is stored in remote locations, often totally unknown to customers.

Firms should consider solutions such as private servers and increased cyber security to tackle this ever changing problem. Not only do data breaches have the potential to destroy trust with loyal customers, they also expose firms to danger of loss of IP and vital business structures.”