Life Without the Tech Giants … and the House that Spied on Me

link from Mozilla Foundation

Kashmir Hill and the team at Gizmodo recently wrote a piece e — “Life Without the Tech Giants.” She set out to try and block Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple from getting access to her money, data and attention. It’s fascinating to follow Kashmir on her journey to block these companies from her life for just one week.

We know Kashmir, Gizmodo and their fantastic journalism well, because last year we sponsored a piece to look at the risks and benefits of connected devices in our homes. (By sponsored, I mean we gave them some money to go tell a great story about privacy and security on the internet; we were not involved in their editorial process at all.)

That story — a piece called The House that Spied on Mewon the National Press Foundation’s 2018 Technology in Journalism award! Written by Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu, the article detailed Kashmir’s journey as she converted her apartment into a smart home, and set out with Surya to find out just how much information her smart home was collecting on her. It’s a great read — fun, funny and informative. It certainly deserved the award it won. Go check it out.

I love how good journalism helps us all make sense of life with the internet. To learn more about what’s at stake, please visit our Mozilla Foundation website.

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Jen Caltrider
Mozilla Foundation