The real cost of a data breach

The human cost of data breaches
When news breaks about a data breach, it is easy to lose sight of who is hit hardest by these invasions of privacy: people like you.

Firefox spoke with a few victims of breaches, to talk about the impact it had on their lives. (All names have been changed to protect privacy.)

Sometimes you can be caught in a breach, and walk away unscathed — like Julia. Her company experienced a data breach a few years ago, but luckily very little of her personal information was found in her emails. After locking her accounts and changing her passwords, she cautions: “Don’t take it for granted that your information is safe online.”

For others, a data breach can feel like a “never-ending nightmare,” like for Jamie, who says it’s “only gotten progressively worse with every data breach that’s happened since.” Credit cards, Facebook accounts, and home loan applications have all been fraudulently made under Jamie’s name, even after changing his passwords. He urges others to “take really professional precautions” when it comes to your information online.

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