ASTON MARTIN CENTRAL FEATURE Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2019

Every year the Festival of Speed takes over the Goodwood House estate in the idyllic Sussex Downs. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to see the latest, fastest, weirdest and most expensive motor cars in a long weekend of noise and spectacular stunts.

Dominating the festival as a centrepiece is a huge sculpture on the front lawn of Goodwood House itself. At one hundred feet (thirty-one metres) high, this sculpture commemorating Aston Martin’s seventy year association with Goodwood exhibiting the DBR1 is visible from everywhere in the Festival of Speed site and beyond.

The sculpture itself is an impossibly thin loop of steel, forming a single curved line that both frames the house as a backdrop and supports the car itself. The structure is a hollow triangular monocoque, made from just forty-seven tonnes of precision laser cut steel. A structure like this, slender, lightweight and high that just glances the ground before shooting back up in the air can only be made using the latest cutting-edge techniques of design, engineering and fabrication.

Engineering: DIALES
Fabrication and Installation: LITTLEHAMPTON WELDING
Photography: DAVID BARBOUR