It’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!

Today, scientists, engineers and hydrogen advocates celebrated national #H2 day. In reference to the atomic weight of hydrogen, 1.008, the 8th of October is an important day for all those committed to supporting cleaner mobility.

In preparation, we asked the public for their opinion on which fuel will rule mobility by 2030. Our live poll shows that hydrogen is currently the second favourite. Have your say now by voting here.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in California

Auto Futures spoke with industry insiders from Hyundai, Toyota, South Coast Air Quality Management District, the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, ahead of #H2 day.

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India’s Mobility Transformation

NITI Aayog has been nothing short of a catalyst for change in the Indian mobility space. At the helm of this organisation is CEO Amitabh Kant – Auto Futures spoke to Kant about India’s transformation.


The Future of the Commercial Vehicle

How do you make the van sexy? Well, it’s not exactly an easy task but UK-based technology company Arrival has achieved it, pulling the wraps off of its next-gen electric commercial vehicle platform.

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We caught up with Lynk & Co CEO Alain Visser, to talk about how the Swedish-Chinese lifestyle brand is shaking up the automotive industry through a new way of thinking.

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