Solutions for a healthier internet

We’re drowning in negative news about technology. But The Internet Health Report is about to throw you a life preserver: we’re zooming in to focus on what can be done to solve the biggest problems facing the internet today.

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What can be done to fix the internet?

For the biggest problems on the internet, there are no easy answers or shortcuts. Fortunately, there are many people — including us at Mozilla — working to create a better digital world.

But you wouldn’t know it from the headlines. We’re drowning in negative news about the internet.

After Mozilla published the 2019 Internet Health Report, we interviewed dozens of readers and contributors. We heard that the future of the internet is feeling grim, and people want to know what to do about it. But there are too few stories that explain root causes and explore solutions.

That’s why Mozilla’s Internet Health Report will now focus on “what can be done” to make the internet healthier.

Our next annual report won’t be published until late next year, but in the meantime we will be releasing shorter publications throughout the year to keep the ideas flowing.

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By surfacing the most promising ideas, research and initiatives, we can demonstrate just how much is being done to make things better, and share advice from sources you can trust.

We’d love to hear your response to this new direction. Let us know what you think by tweeting @ us, or emailing

Thanks so much, and stay tuned for more!

Solana, Internet Health Report Editor